It Has Finally Rained!

After two months of solid heat and almost all the days being over 30 degrees (maximum of 39 degrees over several days this month), it finally decided to rain two days ago while Louise & Ivan were here!

There was a huge thunderstorm about 7pm, the sky got very dark, the wind got up and then it hammered down for about 20 minutes.
The air cooled down and we managed to get the inside temperature in the apartment down under 30 degrees.

After the rain stopped, the sun came back out and the streets were dry within about 10 minutes due to the amount of retained heat in the stonework of the city.

Yesterday was hot again (and humid, due to the previous rain), so after Louise & Ivan left (returning to northern Europe), Lyn and I spent the day cleaning the apartment and lounging around in the air-conditioning.

Today, we decided to head to the swimming pool for the day (expected top of 38 degrees) and found ourselves a good spot in the shade.
About 3:30pm, the sky got dark again and another thunderstorm hit.
We thought that it wouldn't rain because it was not forecast, so we took shelter under some trees when it first started to drizzle, but the next minute we were heading for the pavilion when the skies opened up. There were even small chunks of hail in the rain!
We both got pretty wet, but it didn't matter as we were just pleased to see the rain come down.

This time, it continued to rain heavily for about 30 minutes and everyone started to pack up and leave, so we thought we would do the same and get home to open all the windows up and allow some fresh air into the apartment.

Now, 3hrs later at 6:30pm, the outside temperature is already back up to over 30 degrees - oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

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  1. You're getting summer Florida weather. It's stormy pretty much every afternoon and in the 30's! Hope it cools down by the time we get there!