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Guy and I are spending almost a year in Florence. I am doing a printmaking course at Il Bisonte Printmaking School and Guy is not quite sure what he is going to do. We arrive in Florence in January 2015 and we will return to Australia in December 2015.


  1. I thought I should post a comment on this page as there is no comment :)

  2. Try again... Happy Birthday Lyn...hope it was a grand one!

  3. Hi Lyn & Guy,
    Lyn I hope you had a superb 60th birthday.
    Really enjoying the blog and keeping up with your exciting news.
    Love Lauri x

  4. Well I guess I will have to travel a bit further to catch up for coffee! I was finally going to actually visit with no medical or airport trips involved!! I hope you are having a wonderful time. :)

  5. Hi Lorri! Long time no see, hope you are all well, I didn't know if I sent you the link to the blog. We will be back in December as Erin is getting married, so maybe catch up in the new year? Lyn xx