We finally arrived in Paris. The train trip was fine, completely uneventful. It was sad saying goodbye to Alba and Yarran and Liam and Jo, but we will see them again soon.
We arrived at Gare Du Nord in Paris at about 3.45pm and then decided to take the metro to our hotel.The metro is very easy to use- EXCEPT IF YOU HAVE TWO HEAVY SUITCASES!!!!
There are not lifts or escalators and that explains why we saw no old people, disabled people or women with prams or small children or anyone else with a suitcase on the metro! A few people helped us, but mainly Guy had to carry one case up the stairs while I waited with the other case and then I ran up the stairs and waited with the first case while he carried the next case up. The other problem is that the turnstiles are too narrow to get a suitcase through and I got stuck on one side with my case on the other!!  A young man helped us get through. We have decided to catch a taxi to the next train station on Wednesday...
Guy is now totally stuffed and lying down after dinner!
We met some lovely people on the way here, all that stuff about the French (particularly Parisians) being rude and unfriendly is a lot of rubbish, people were smiling (or maybe laughing?) at us all the way here.
It is pretty cold and foggy, but not raining and no wind. Our hotel is just near the Eiffel Tower. It's a nice hotel, tiny room (the bathroom is bigger than the room!), but it is very nice, and anyway, we are only sleeping here!
As soon as we got here we decided to go and get something to eat and drink (no lunch) and went off down the street towards the Eiffel Tower, we found a nice little brasserie and Guy had a hamburger (apparently it was the best hamburger he has ever eaten in his life, shows you how hungry we were) and I had an omelette fromage and frittes. It was a very nice cafe, we could have hung around for "'appy 'our" but we decided to walk and see the tower- you wouldn't believe it but there was another couple there and Guy says they were kiwis.
There were quite a few people out and the Eiffel Tower looked beautiful, especially with the top disappearing into the fog. We took some photos (on the iPhone) and here they are...

On the walk back to the hotel, we found a little p√Ętisserie, so we could not resist and bought an almond croissant and a little raisin pastry - and then ate them on the way back to the hotel. We also bought some fruit as well - well, we did walk a long way!
Tomorrow we are going to get up early and have good look around Paris - and see if the metro is easier without suitcases.


  1. Looks beautiful.

  2. Hope you are enjoying your stay. There's some crazy s*#t going down there at the moment! Bon chance!

  3. Hi Maria! We left Paris early that morning so we were on our way to Zurich when it all happened! We are in Florence now, so I will update the blog tonight. Lyn xx